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The sexist crusade to destroy game developer Zoe Quinn


In the eyes of the gamers who have spent all week harassing Zoe Quinn, her sexual exploits are evidence of industry corruption. To them, the gaming journalists who supported Quinn or her game are somehow helping to rig the system for feminist members of the gaming community. One Escapist forum thread on the subject was entitled, “Zoe Quinn, or how video game media may have been exposed as a pro-feminist hugbox” before being renamed. Quinn seems to have rapidly become a symbol for gamers about the perceived hypocrisy in gaming towards women who herald concepts of social justice.

But the outcry over Quinn seems to bear out her initial fear that “A woman’s sexuality at all being public can sink that fucking ship.”

Her bitter ex-boyfriend’s screed may give evidence that Quinn is a bad girlfriend, but it doesn’t prove that Quinn had any intention to sleep her way into a job. Nor does it prove that Quinn traded sexual favors for positive reviews from journalists.

Instead, Zoe Quinn’s private sex life has gotten caught in the crossfire of the ongoing tensions over gender inequality in gaming culture. And while Quinn’s alleged attempts to suppress conversation about her sex life may have drawn that conversation further out into the public, the harassment she’s received in response has overshadowed anything she might have done to try to pre-emptively ward it off.


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You have no idea how much this means to me! Thanks to all the wonderful people who follow this blog, like & reblog my pictures, leave lovely messages (even though I’m the worst at replying in a timely manner) and for constantly keeping me inspired with your amazing pictures! 
I’m currently in the midst of writing my bachelor thesis, while trying to still keep up some kind of social life, so I haven’t really been playing/updating as much as I would like to. But it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t still feel the occasional urge to “HOARD ALL THE TEXTURES” and make new stuff, so I made some walls and floors for you guys. 
Right this way please. (Tumblr is the worst for posting a bunch of downloads as one post…)

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